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There are a lot of article websites out there these days. Many big names such as Squidoo or eHow. So what is the difference between them and us?


Rather than letting anyone post articles and removing them only after complaints are made - we review every single person that submits articles for publication on our website. That way, we know who is submitting the pieces in the first place.

So what kind of articles will you see on this site? News features. Help articles. Commentary on video clips. Press Releases. The kind of stuff you would see anywhere else really. Except you WON'T see these articles anywhere else because we only allow unique articles on this site.

Many article websites have the exact same content. They don't filter articles submitted to them based on their uniqueness. The exact same article might appear on 100-1000 article websites. All except our site.

Also unlike other article websites, we only list law articles in relation to legal products and services. You won't find recipes accidentally mixed in or technical help guides for DVD players in the wrong category.

Of course, we're only human. And even our software is only human ... because it was built by humans. From time to time we might miss something. If you see it, get in touch! We may just reward you.

Take care out there!

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